CO2 Removal & Storage with Microalgae

A natural process, enhanced by technology

Why remove CO2?

To address climate change, almost all countries have set themselves carbon-neutral goals.​


Drastically reducing CO2 emissions has priority, but it is not enough. Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) is a crucial factor to reach net zero emissions.

Nature-based technology

We remove CO2 from the atmosphere by producing biomass with microalgae.


The carbon bound by the microalgae is permanently stored underground. Our technology therefore leads to negative emissions.

Carbon removal credits

Our carbon credits are generated through the measurable removal of CO2.


The credits are not a substitute for reducing emissions! They complement your climate strategy by tackling emissions that are difficult to avoid.

High-Quality Carbon Removal Credits


We weigh the biomass and measure its carbon content before we bury it. This allows us to determine exactly how much CO2 has been removed from the atmosphere.


The long-term storage of the sequestered carbon is reliable & safe. The buried biomass remains stable for over 1000 years, due to its composition and suitable storage conditions.


We attach great importance to a high standard of monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) to ensure transparency and verifiability of our process.


Our process verifiably removes additional CO2 from the atmosphere on your behalf. This avoids double counting of our CO2 removal certificates.


Our process is based on photosynthesis. That's why we use almost exclusively sunlight as an energy source. The technical energy requirement is correspondingly low.


Our photobioreactors enable the highly efficient production of biomass for CO2 sequestration. They are modular, scalable and plug & play ready for installation.

Why use Microalgae to capture CO2

Photosynthesis in algae plays a crucial role in the global carbon cycle, as it binds CO2 and converts it into biomass. Growing microalgae in warm water is the most efficient way to produce biomass.


Algae growth rates are up to 50 times higher than those of land plants. This makes them highly efficient CO2 sinks.


Scaling up carbon dioxide removal


With our photobioreactors, we have technically improved this process. As a result, we can remove CO2 from the atmosphere on a large scale using sunlight as the primary energy source.

Our Partners

Arrhenius AG is a spin-off of Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. We are supported by several scientific partners and funding organizations.

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billion tons of CO2

Projected global fossil carbon dioxide emissions in 2023 (Global Carbon Budget).


Million tons of CO2

Emissions that Switzerland alone has to remove every year by 2050 (Swiss Federal Office of Energy).

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